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City and Guilds Style Interface


The interface used is very similar to that used by the City and Guilds for their GOLA testing. If you take the exam online, you will be doing so using the actual GOLA software under exam conditions so this software is perfect for an introduction to the interface and also to online tests in general.  There are some differences to taking a paper based exam that are difficult to explain or practise, this software gives you the confidence to tackle the real thing straight away.


Screenshot of 17th Edition Exam GOLA likeness


Different Modes


There are 2 different modes to help you, these are:


Exam mode


A timed exam drawing random questions from a large pool. This mode is a useful mode to test your timing and improve your confidence before taking the real life exam and culminated in a graphical representation of your results.


17th edition exam practice cd screenshot


Practice mode


A flexible practice mode enabling you to practice the correct answer. There is even a hint button to help you if you get stuck or want some advice. You even get to decide on the questions that you want to practice. Want to concentrate on the Selection and Erection of Equipment section? Simply set the Selection and Erection questions to 100% and that will show all the questions in that category. Want to focus on Special Installations and the Definitions section? Then set both to 100% and try every question in that category instead.


Practice mode screenshot



Flag Questions


Very much like the City and Guilds GOLA software, if you don't know or are unsure about a question, you can simply flag it and return at any point. If you flag a question and complete the exam, it will return you to that question so you can review it and change your mind.


The Flag function is particularly useful during the exam mode, correct use will allow you to answer the questions you know immediately while leaving those you don't until later.  Using this exam technique is an excellent way to pass the exam first time.


Graphical Representation of Results


When you have completed your choice of questions, you can use the graph to determine which areas are strengths and which areas you need more work on.  Each part of the exam is broken down into the relevant sections so you can see what percentage you would have got had you taken the exam for real.  Many users use this part of the software to see what part of the syllabus they need to concentrate on and work out a revision program based on the results.Graph for analysis of 17th edition software





Print out results, see every question you got right or wrong


We now present the ability to print out your actual exam at the end of the quiz and determine which questions you got right and which you got wrong. It records the time and date taken, the percentage for each unit, the amount of time you spent on it and all the answers you got right and also more importantly lists those you got wrong. It also tells you what the answer were for that particular quesion.


This particular function helps you understand where your strengths are and what you need to work on to get the best out of the exam.Interface displaying printed results


Try as many times as you like


Our product does not time out or limit you to a set number of tries, you can use it as often as you like until you feel comfortable you are ready for the big day. There are no login details to remember, no internet sites to negotiate and each exam you take will throw random questions at you.  You simply launch the software like any other software you have installed and start practising straight away.






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